Sakya Pandita Dharma Chakra Centre Fund & Donations

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The Monastery’s Staff’s monthly salary will be donated by Peter Willats for 1.6 year from October 2016.

Ven. Otgonbaatar raised donations from local donors for  internal painting decoration, heating panels and furniture for 10 rooms in the 3rd floor, library, principal’s room, librarians room and a classroom.

The Mongolian and foreign donors are all very enthusiastic to carry this work of revival of Sakya Buddhist tradition forward. Our initiative has been blessed by His Holiness Sakya Trizin. By taking a part in establishing a monastery or a centre of Buddha’s teaching, a person is said to receive blessings of Buddha and Bodhisattvas, and generates great merit. We would like to invite you to be a part of this wonderful and most pious project by making a donation now.  The trustees of the Sakya Pandita Dharma Chakra Monastery are fully committed to make this project a great success. Fundraising is supported and closely supervised by H E Ratna Vajra Rinpoche, Chairman of Fundraising Committee and Mr. Peter Willats, Chairman of Trustees. We assure you that your donation goes directly towards building this Sakya Pandita Dharma Chakra Monastery. Please join us. Your support makes a real difference. Thank you.


You could send your donation directly to:

Beneficiary’s name: The Sakya Pandita Dharma Chakra Monastery
Beneficiary’s Bank name: Golomt Bank of Mongolia
Beneficiary’s Account Number: 1102953472 for USD ($) currency
Beneficiary’s Account Number: 1105047070 for Euro (€) currency
Beneficiary’s Account Number: 1102953460 for Mongolian currency
Beneficiary’s Swift Code: GLMTMNUB