Sakya Pandita Dharma Chakra Center Activities

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In Tibet itself, and amongst the exile Tibetan community, monasteries are powerful centres of Buddhist practice and learning, sometimes home to hundreds of monks, and an important focus for the lay community. Monasteries of this type are rare in Mongolia today. By building our Monastery we will have the place not only to pray, but to study and live. It will be complex of buildings where beside the temple, there will be a school of Sakya tradition and living compartments. Creating these conditions will help the monks with better schooling and learning, solve their living problems and most importantly, will enable them to successfully keep their vows.

The Sakya tradition played a vital role in Mongolia becoming a Buddhist country, and it should have its own place in the re-establishment of Mongolia’s Buddhist culture. While it is wonderful that there are some Gelugpa monastic institutions working to this end, in the face of ‘competition’ from aggressive evangelizing missionary movements Mongolia needs more Buddhist centres, with more traditions represented, if Buddhism is to become a vigorous part of the country’s life once more.

To develop Buddhism in Mongolia as a whole and revive The Sakya tradition our Monastery aims in particular to creating a monastic centre to accommodate 50 monks to study and practise Dharma.

The monastery’s name has been registered and the land bought with a generous gift of over $44,000USD from H E Ratna Vajra Rinpoche. Research on the land and first architectural drawings are also completed. With the fundraising by Peter Willats, Chairman of Building Committee of Monastery's construction, drawing of monastery is completed - In 2008, $15,000 USD donation from Peter Willats was used for construction drawing and making budget for construction, and it has been approved by concerned authorities. In 2009, $70,000 USD donation from Peter Willats was spent for temple and monks accommodations foundation, garage and basement. This work was done from May to July 10th, 2009.

HH Sakya Trizin visited Mongolia from July 20th to 31st 2009. He gave teaching to Mongolian people, did many activities to revive Sakya Tradition In Mongolia. Pethub monastery organized this visit and our monastery made the visit very successfully. HH Sakya Trizin visited our monastery and conducted Sakya Pandita's 3 vows explanation.

Now we are running activities; chanting ritual and puja in a Mongolian traditional tent. Also we were granted a license to organize a branch of Sakya monastery which would be named Sakya Lekhshey Norbuling monastery in Erdenet (Erdenet is second biggest city in Mongolia).

With the donation of His Holiness Sakya Trizin, $98 330USD (where Ven Ani Wangmo's presence was important), we had completed temple's main structure from April 23rd-June 11th, 2010.

In 2011

July 7th, a Trustee meeting was held at Ulaanbaatar and the following agenda was discussed:

- Presence and Proxies
- Appointment of chairman
- Resignation and Appointment of trustees
- Presentation of Accounts
- Building Progress and Plans
- Fundraising (local and outside of Mongolia)
- Local Dharma Activities
- Monks Preparation in India and Return
Peter Willats was approved as chairman of the board of Trustees during the meeting.

$ 28,685 USD donation from Peter Willats, $31,700 USD donation from Mr. Enkhbold, the Minister of Mongolia and $23,400 USD donation from Mr. Altangerel the UK Ambassador  were spent on the Temple’s wooden decoration work which included roof tiles, water protection cover and insulation foam, internal and external sand with cement insulation-decoration work, temple walls, temple’s surrounding fence, outside communication alarm work, vacuum windows, wooden doors and connections with the central heating system. 20% of the work is complete.


In 2012

Mr. Munkhbat has generously donated funding of 30 million MNT for the sculpturing of the main Buddha statue in the central hall. The statue is 2.4 meters tall.
Mongolian MP Mr. Sodbaatar kindly donated 15 million MNT for the sculpturing of the Black Mahakala statue in the central hall. The statue is 1 meter tall.
Mr. Enkhtur kindly donated 19 million MNT for the sculpturing of the Sakya Pandita statue in the central hall. The statue is 1.8 meters tall.
Mr. Batshugar, the Vice President of the Mongol Bank has kindly donated 19 million MNT for the sculpturing of the Phagpa Lama statue in the central hall. The statue is 1.8 meters tall.
Mr. Erkhembayar kindly donated 8 million MNT for building of traditional rooftop symbols such as Dharma Chakra etc.
H E Ratna Vajra Rinpoche instructed a senior monk of Sakya Centre Ven. Rinchen Dhondup (Gelong la) to visit Sakya Pandita Dharma Chakra Monastery for traditional insertion of precious substances and texts in the statues cited above.
Gyalyum Chenmo has kindly advised a Khenpo from Dege to send a set of Kangyur and Tangyur, Lamdre and other collected works to the Sakya Pandita Dharma Chakra Monastery. All these texts were systematically inserted into the above mentioned statues. On 23rd of July 2012, on the occasion of the turning the wheel of Dharma by Buddha Shakyamuni, H E Ratna Vajra Sakya consecrated the statues in the main shrine hall.

Donations received from the local donors were spent for the painting of interior walls.

Mr. Peter Willats donated the amount of $30,650 USD which were spent for connecting the central heating system of the monastery building to the main supply, connection of hot water and drinking water supply and sewerage.

H E Ratna Vajra Sakya granted $10,000 USD which was spent for heating system in the garage and a regulator main the garage for heating and water supply.

Mr. Rinchen Senge and his relatives kindly donate 5 million MNT, this amount was spent for purchasing of European standard heating radiators in the second floor. 


In 2013

Mr. Samden Dorje donated 3.5 million MNT, this money was spent to make the throne for the Varja Master, monks’ seating and tables in the shrine hall, dinning set for the monks.

Mr. Peter Willats contributed €22,750. A part of this money was used for travel expenses, allowance for the Vajra Master and the furniture in his room. A part of this money was spent to purchase bricks for the construction of the monks’ accommodation.

Donations received from the local donors were spent for beds and furniture of the monks’ dormitories.

Mr. Munkhbat donated cement worth of 8 million MNT.

H E Ratna Vajra Sakya granted $30,000 USD.

As Khenpo Jamyang Lekshey requested to fund-raising, Mrs. Rosa Li, her sister Linda Li and their mother were contributed $20,000 USD.

Vanessa Giles kindly donated $1428 USD.

From these above mentioned donations we are in the process of constructing the monks’ accommodation. Currently approximately 50% of the structural construction work is completed.


In 2014

Three new statues were made in copper and bronze. Sakya’s main e-dam He Vajra and main religion protectors Shalshi and Palden Lhamo.

Mr Batsuuri.S donated $11,864 USD for the Statue of He Vajra, Mr Batzorig.Z donated $9,039 USD for the Statue of Palden Lhamo, Mr Damdinsuren.Ts also made a donation for the Statue of Shalshi. Mr Odonsanaa $2,825 USD donated to the making of Rinpoche’s throne and the interior stone decoration for the stairs and corridors. Mr Amarsaihan Ts donated $2,825 USD, this money was spent on wall paper for the rooms and parquet flooring.

June 12th, H E Ratna Vajra Sakya arrived in Mongolia, just in time to sit for an interview conducted by the National Television Network. Accompanied by his wife, H. E. Dagmo Kalden Dunkyi Sakya and their three children, Rinpoche’s main activity while at the Sakya Pandita Monastery was the bestowel on the 14th and 15h June of the Hevajra empowerment, gratefully received by some seventy monks and three hundred lay devotees. The previous day had seen the auspicious consecration of three new statues, which now grace the monastery temple.

June 24th, Peter Williats conducted a Trustees meeting. Board members H. E. Ratna Vajra Rinpoche, Peter Williats and Otgonbaatar were present, Khenpo Lekshey was given a proxy. The minutes of the meeting were; 3 New Mongolian candidates applying for Trustee membership and Mr Munkhbat was approved as a New Trustee. We discussed and evaluated the activities and the financial report from the last Trustee meeting. Upcoming Planned work was also discussed, and fundraising ideas for the budget were discussed.

H. E. Ratna Vajra Sakya contributed $30,000 USD for the monks accommodation.

Installing 1st floor hollow panel work, 2nd floor building work.

Mr. Peter Willats contributed €19,084 for the glass roof and a glass façade in the Temple, and also the salary for exterior painting of the temple and the panel work.

Mr Enkhtur, Sh donated the $1,704 USD for the paint. Mr Tsogtjargal.Ya donated $1,130 for the new publication of Phagpa’s scriptures book. Mr Munkhbat donated furniture for Rinpoche’s office and bedroom.

H. H. Sakya Trizin contributed €10,000 and Mr Munkhbat donated $5,555USD for the 3rd floor building work.

Our New Vajra Master, Thupten Tsultrim, has requested Khenpo Sonam Dhundup who resides in Taiwan to help with the funding of the ongoing food expenses of the monastery’s monks $700USD per month.

Dec 7th, our monastery organized the teaching event by Sakya Trizin on the Empowerment of Black Demchog in Nepal, at which Mongolian Monks and 40 practitioners who attended the group was lead by Head monks of Gandan Tegchinling monastery and Mongolian Buddhist centers. We collaborated with Mongolian National Broadcast Television about Buddhist holy lands and Buddhism.

 Zumaa and Baigalmaa donated USD 2,026 $ for the Throne of the Loppon, 6 tables for Puja Hall, 6 chairs for monks. 


In 2015

April 3rd, organized the event of teaching of H H Sakya Trizin for the Mongolians who are living in USA.

Sod-erdene donated USD 2, 513 $ for table of the Mandala.

Trustees Munkhbat donated USD 10, 000 $, Peter Willats donated 9,970 for Monks’  Accommodation’s 3rd floor was overlapped with hollow slap panel, covered concreting and internal room separation works.

With the donations from H E Gyana Vajra and Khenpo Dorje, the Vajra Kiliaya Puja’s religious items were brought from Nepal, India and China.

May 17- 30th, we invited H E Gyana Vajra and his accompanying 11 monks to Mongolia and organized a Vajra Kiliaya Puja at our Monastery. We also organized visits to Sakya Monasteries in the countryside.

H E Gyana Vajra donated USD 8, 000 $, Mr Altankhuyag donated USD 3, 600 $, Mr.Chinbaatar and Mr. Batzorig donated USD 2,540 $ each for roof protection, consisting of water proofing and warm padding heat insulation work on the Monks’ accommodation, metal surrounding the roof and an exit for emergency.

H E Ratna Vajra donated USD 59, 795 $ for M A’s internal electricity, communication and alarm work, internal plumbing, internal sand decoration work, installing the doors and windows, 78 pieces vacuum window work.

Peter Willats donated € 35, 497 for floor concrete flattening work, external heating additional work,  & an outside gate was covered by stone, to cover the staircases by stone, glued the tiles in corridors work and internal painting decoration.

 Mr. Rinchinsengee donated USD 1,756 $ , Khenpo Sonam Dhundup donated USD 9, 975 $ and other local fundraisers  for installed heating panels work, glued the tiles of the bathrooms, parquet flooring work, glued wall paper work, staircase hand hold, first and second floors’ lights. 

Trustee Munkhbat donated toilet seats, sinks and 42 furniture. 

November 3rd, mini opening ceremony of Monks’ Accommodation was organized on Lha-bab Due- Chen.

December 5th, the Trustees meeting was organized via Skype connection.

December 10th, temple and Monks’ Accommodation buildings handed over completed construction to State Technical Commission.  


In 2016

February 24th,obtained Temple and Monks’ Accommodation’s  Immovable Property Certificate.

Local donors Mme Narantuya, Mr.Enkhtur, Mr. Dagvadorj, Mr. Ganbat, Mr. Enkhbold, Mr.Gankhuu for Monks’ Accommodation’s kitchen and dining room internal painting, furniture and cooking facilities were completely provided. 

Ms. Vanessa Giles donated USD 3 840 $ for covering the stairs, shadow and pillars by stone and trumps for disabled people.  

April 21st – May 8th, we invited H E Gyana Vajra and his entourage of 13 monks to Mongolia and organized a Vajra Kiliaya Puja at our Monastery for the second year. Also Gandan Tegchinling Monastery’s Dechen Kalava Dazang organized a Black Demchog Puja, and Erdenezuu monastery organized Phurdog Puja, the above two pujas were cut off since 1937 and now they are being revived.

Local donors Mr. Jadamba the Director of NBIK.Co.LTD donated USD 7 356 $ for outside path and parking area. 

June 1st – 6th, H.E Ratna Vajra Rinpoche visited to Mongolia for 10 days.  At the same time our Monastery Chairman Peter Willats came to Mongolia. A Trustee Meeting was organized at the Monastery in  June 4-6, 2016 . The Trustee Meeting was attended by H.E Ratna Vajra Rinpoche, Mr.Peter Willats, Ven. Otgonbaatar and Mr. Munkhbat.  Khenpo Jamyang Lekshey participated as a Proxy.

A Trustee’s meeting was held at Ulaanbaatar and the following agenda was discussed:
•    Recruitment
•    Leadership and governance
•    Developing the Dharma Path
•    Funding
•    Community relations

As well as the above five topics, as this is the transition period from construction and establishment to phasing in the operation into daily activities, assigning two Deputy Directors was a valuable part of some of the important decisions of the Trustee meeting.

July 1st – August 31st, implementing the decision of the Trustee meeting assigned by Ven. Otgonbaatar as a Deputy Director by Battulga. 

The Deputy Director’s responsibilities are: To sign the first signature, to represent the monastery for legal approaches, (for bank and organization) to regulate activities at the monastery.

The foreign affairs and public relation manager’s responsibilities are : Increasing local community relationships and challenges for recruiting, dharma teaching, education and foreign affairs.

H.E.Gyana Vajra Rinpoche was added as a member of The Trustees board.

The Advisor to the President of Mongolia, Mr. Unurbayar, donated USD $3,308.00 for painting and decorating 4 underground rooms, also including heating panels, sink and washing tube.

September 1st – 20th, with support from Peter Willats, a new English teacher came to Mongolia from the UK to teach English language to the monks for 1 month and all went well.

Our a new Vajra Master Gurung Lama Wangdui came to Mongolia Sept 20, 2016 and since then he has successfully been leading classes for the monks up until now.


In 2017

February 1st, implementing the decision of a Trustees meeting assigned by Ven. Otgonbaatar as a Foreign Affair Manager by Dariragchaa.

March, at our special occasion, H.E Ratna Vajra Rinpoche became the 42nd Sakya Trizin. 15 people from Mongolia participated in the Enthronement ceremony including Ven.Otgonbaatar, advisor Dugerjav and Trustee members. Our Chairman Peter Willats participated from England.

April 1st – 17th, a new Abbot arrived. His name is Tashi Dorjee. He became a monk at the age of 9. He studied Buddhist philosophy and Tantric studies for 12 years at Sakya College. After 12 years he graduated from Sakya College with a degree of Kha Chupa and Acharya. He has good experience working in many different centers and monasteries and as a teacher, principle and scholar.

We invited H E Gyana Vajra Rinpoche and his entourage of 15 monks to Mongolia from 4th to 17th of April and successfully organized our annual Vajra Kiliaya Puja at our Monastery for the third year.

June, during Saga Dawa (a month honoring the buddha’s life), we successfully organized a Nyung Ne retreat for the monks and lay people.